Grassroots 6/5/2022 @ LVMS Outside Road Course

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What: Vegasdrift Grassroots Event (ALL-SKILLS)
Where: The Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Outside Road Course
When: June 5th 2022 (Sun) 9:00am -4:30pm
Saturday: ORC Main Course, North Course, and South Course / Wet Skid Pad
Skill Level: All Skills! Brand New First-time Track Day Drivers to Advanced with Tandem
Ride Alongs: $20.00 18+ w/ID Helmet Required / Pants and Closed toed shoes are required. 
Venue/Gate Fee: $10.00 - Children Under 12 Free (LVMS requires 2 waivers to be signed at the gate)
Spectator Parking: is located in the Lot ajacent to the Road Course Paddock entrance.  Only Participants and 1 support vehicle will be able to park in the Paddock area. 
Drivers safety requirements:
Satisfactory Vehicle Technical Inspection
Helmet (Snell 2010 M/SA or Newer)
Long Pants / Closed-Toe Shoes
Intermediate skill level for Tandem
Use this Tech Sheet Technical Inspection Form as a reference as to what else will be required and inspected. 







Venue Open: Open for Drivers




Driver Check-In / Registration (Bring Drivers License)

Alamo Building



Vehicle Technical Inspection

Alamo Building



Mandatory Drivers Meeting/Safety Briefing

Alamo Awning



Parade Lap / Course Orientation

ORC Track



Grassroots Session – Main Course and North/South Course

ORC Track



Track Closed


It is the drivers responsibility to bring a car and safety equipment that pass the technical inspection process.  
**No Refunds or Credits** 

Venue Rules and Regulations

NO PETS are allowed - (we love animals, but prior litigation prevents us from having them at our events.)

ALCOHOL:  No consumption of alcohol is allowed by participants until all the participant’s on-track activity is completed for the day. 

FIREWORKS & FIREARMS:  No fireworks or firearms shall be displayed or discharged at The Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  

PARKING:  All vehicles and trailers shall park only in areas designated by the event staff.  All risks of vehicle or contents damage or theft remain with vehicles’ owners, drivers, riders and passengers.  

PAVEMENT DAMAGE:  Do not drive or drill stakes into the ground or asphalt.  Underground utilities are everywhere.  You are liable for utility and asphalt repairs. 

TRASH DISPOSAL:  Trash barrels are located throughout the LVMS facility.  Please assist us in keeping the facility clean by using these barrels.  Tires, vehicle parts, and vehicle batteries are not permitted to be disposed of on the facility.  Please take them with you when you leave.  If there is a fluid spill on the facility, there is Xorb available for clean up.  Contact the Event Manager. 

SAFETY EQUIPMENT:  Participants are responsible for having and utilizing adequate vehicle and personal safety equipment.  All vehicle, driver and passenger safety equipment shall be customary to motorsports racing industry and as required by applicable motor sports sanctioning bodies.  Said equipment must be in full and effective use at all times a vehicle is on track. 

VEHICLE CONDITION:  Participants are responsible for their vehicles to be in safe and good working order at all times, suitable for on-track activity.  Please do not allow any fluids to drip onto the track surface.  Turn off vehicle’s air conditioner if so equipped. 

PADDOCK & HOTPIT SPEED LIMIT:  Keep all track vehicles to a speed of 10 MPH or less when not on the race track surface.  This includes the hot pit area.  When exiting the track surface as you are entering the up ramp into the hot pit area, the10 MPH speed limit starts.  Also maintain 10 MPH exiting the hot pit area until you get to the bottom of the ramp entering the track surface. 

GOLF CARTS & SCOOTERS:  All golf carts, scooters or pit vehicles shall not exceed a speed of 7 MPH and may only be operated by an adult.  No minors are permitted to operate golf carts, scooters or pit vehicles. 

LOOK TWICE:  Be on the lookout while in the pit and paddock area – moving vehicles and pedestrians are everywhere.  You are responsible for the safety of pedestrians, your safety and the safety of minors accompanying you.